Realistic Mannequin - 'Ken' (One Bent Arm)

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'Ken' is a realistic mannequin with a caucasian skin tone. Wigs sold separately. Measurements can be found in the description section below.

About Realistic Mannequin - 'Ken'

'Ken' is a realistic mannequin with a caucasian skin tone. This version of Ken has one bent arm but he is also available with two straight arms. Our line of realistic mannequins are lightweight but incredibly strong and virtually unbreakable. Equipped with a metal base and calf fitting. Mannequins with realistic facial features are a classic design that has lasted the test of time. Show customers how your clothing fits and display entire outfits with complementary articles of clothing. Wigs sold separately.

Product Highlights:

  • Made from polyethylene except head (PVC)
  • Comes with metal base

Product Dimensions:

  • Overall size: 24" wide x 72" tall x 12" deep
  • Chest: 37"
  • Waist: 30"
  • Hips: 37-1/2"

Shipping Details:

  • Sold individually

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