Mini Size Markers For Hangers | White on Black | 100 Pack

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Mini size markers are the most efficient method to size apparel. They're easily attached to plastic hook and wire hook hangers.

Size: XS

About Black Mini Size Markers

Mini Size Markers are the most efficient method to "size" apparel. They're easy to attach to hangers and highly visible to customers and staff, especially in those retail environments where garments may be tightly hung. Most importantly, mini size markers will promote faster purchases.

Product Highlights:

  • White text on black
  • Available in XS to XXL
  • Works on hangers with 1/8" wire hook
  • Works on plastic hangers with notch before hook

Product Dimensions:

  • 1/2" diameter marker
  • 1/8" hole

Shipping Details:

  • Sold in packs of 100

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