Aroma Orb™ Display Ramp | Acrylic

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Keeps your cannabis flower samples neatly displayed and organized. Angled display ramp holds five Aroma Orbs™ and features a continuous running sign holder along the top to hold product information. The base permanently attaches to the display counter, while the clear acrylic panel can be removed easily for safe storage of sample flowers as required. Security tether appartus stays hidden from view, within the base.

Dimensions and further information can be found in the description below.


  • 24" wide
  • 5" high
  • 6" deep


  • 3mm clear acrylic
  • 12mm white acrylic

Mounting Method:

  • screw down
  • double-side mounting tape

This product is available for purchase in Canada and ships domestically within Canada only.

"Aroma Orb" is a trademark owned by Eddie's Hang-Up Display Ltd.