Saving Space with Slatwall

One of the biggest challenges in retail is getting more selection for your customers without cluttering your space. Having uncluttered, clearly marked product is proven to increase sales – but when you’ve run out of room on your shelves and in your display cases, how do you add more product?

Good for Any Store

Slatwall or pegboard is an excellent way to increase product selection without cluttering. The next time you enter a retail store, take a look to see if they are using either product. Convenience stores, book stores, hardware stores, apparel, and souvenirs – the list goes on and on. Many times you won’t even notice unless specifically looking for it – but most retail stores use one or both products.  The reason is simple: maximize space to maximize product offering, reduce clutter and easily reorganize.

Function and Fashion

Decades ago, slat board was pretty dull looking – boasting function over fashion. Over the years however, slat wall in particular has become more aesthetically pleasing. These days, you can find slat wall in many configurations, including combo configurations with shelving or cabinets built right in. Slat wall bookcases for literature, gondolas or towers for apparel, rotating counter spinners are just a few examples of the leap in design.
While some people imaging slat wall as a boring grey or white, boutique stores have reinvigorated the demand for more color – now you can find slat wall in (white of course) and maple, cherry and black. Black being used for warm settings (Starbucks, Barnes & Noble) and white and maple used for more open settings (MAC, SwimCo).


Not only is slat wall easy to use, but it is relatively inexpensive. Panels can run under $100, turning a flat wall into a key merchandise space. Further, all slat wall accessories are interchangeable – the same accessories that you use for you tower will also work for your wall panels, literature racks and bookcases. This can save you money when ordering parts or reconfiguring your store.


Over the years, the extensive use of slat wall and peg board has borne a whole new line of accessories. To name a few, slat wall accessories include slat boxes, bins and shelves, sign holders, literature racking, eyeglass holders, and merchandisers for a plethora of retail verticals. You can even find pegboard adapters for slat wall! With the amount of available accessories combined with the myriad layout combinations, slat wall is one of the leading store fixture and merchandising solutions in retail today.

Changing to Slat Wall

Because of it’s versatility, changing the bulk of your stores hardware to slat wall easier than you think. Once you’ve made the change, configuring and reconfiguring your store layout is easier than ever. To see our entire selection of slat wall products, visit our Slatwall Panels, Merchandisers & Fixtures section.

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