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Eddie's Hang-Up Display will be closed on December 24 and through the Holidays. We re-open on Wednesday, January 2nd.
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Retail Countertop Displays

Countertop Displays - Eddie’s Hang-Up carries 100s of options for merchandising your products from your counter tops. Cases, easels, trays, spinners, risers and more.
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Acrylic Cubes – Jazz up your tabletop displays with acrylic cubes from Eddie’s Hang-Up. We carry 4 sizes to choose from: 5, 8, 10 & 12 in.
Acrylic Countertop Cube Displays Acrylic Countertop Cube Displays
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Countertop Trays from Eddie's Hang-Up. Use single or mult--level acrylic trays to easily display and keep small products organized on your retail counter.
Acrylic Countertop Trays Acrylic Countertop Trays
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Counter Costumers - Eddie's Hang-Up offers effective solutions for displaying t-shirts & tops. Flexi t-bars & adjustable costumers will do the trick!
Countertop Costumers Countertop Costumers
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Countertop Display Easels - Eddie's Hang-Up stocks a huge selection wire, acrylic & wood tabletop display easels. 18 sizes to choose from!
Countertop Display Easels Countertop Display Easels
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Countertop Eyeglass Displays - Choose one of 3 styles from Eddie's Hang-Up. We carry simple acrylic and wire stands as well as sturdy metal spinners.
Countertop Eyeglass Displays Countertop Eyeglass Displays
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Countertop Hat, Purse & Shoe Displays - Eddie's Hang-Up carries a variety of stands & tools to help create enticing displays for your retail store.
Countertop Hat, Purse & Shoe Displays Countertop Hat, Purse & Shoe Displays
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Countertop Riser Displays from Eddies Hang-Up – Use risers with product groupings to create visually interesting displays. Choose from assorted styles.
Countertop Retail Riser Displays Countertop Retail Riser Displays
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Countertop Spinners & Peg Hook Displays - Take up very little counter space and are excellent for where space is at premium. Eddie's Hang-Up Display.
Countertop Spinners & Peg Displays Countertop Spinners & Peg Displays
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Countertop Display Cases - Eddie’s Hang-Up stocks glass and acrylic locking tabletop cases in a variety of dimensions to showcase your products securely.
Retail Countertop Display Cases Retail Countertop Display Cases
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Retail Jewellery Mirrors – Eddie’s Hang-Up carries both acrylic and glass counter mirrors. They’re a must have for any jewellery and accessory counter.
Retail Jewellery Mirrors Retail Jewellery Mirrors