Outdoor Security Mirror | 22"

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This 22" convex security mirror is designed for outdoor use and is ideal for use in parking lots and other situations where there may be blind corners.

  • Flexible mirror with plastic frame offers resistance to condensation, freezing, UV and is crushproof. Unlike acrylic or glass mirrors, this mirror is virtually indestructible.
  • Includes hardware for pole installation; adjustable bracket to set required angle.
  • Lightweight with high quality mirrored surface and a wide-angle image
  • The built-in top shield helps to shield the mirror from the sun and rain. Rain channel built into the frame minimizes rain run-off on mirror surface.

Diameter: 22″ diameter (23" including frame)
Depth: 4″
Weight: 7 lbs
Visibility Range: 160° viewing area
Shape:  Circular with built-in rain shield
Mounting hardware for pole:  2″ diameter.  Use cuffing material for small diameter poles
Material:  Mirror –  flexible polycarbonate mirror and polypropylene frame and backing.
Material:  Hardware –  metal zinc plated. 
Product ships with a protective film covering the mirror.  Please remove prior to use.