One Part Gift Boxes

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Simply designed one part giftware boxes that easily fold into place. We carry a variety of sizes in kraft and white for different types of products. Use giftware boxes for china, mugs, crystals and more. Boxes are packed flat to save storage space. All sizes are sold in packs of 100 except for #126 (12"w x 6"d x 6"h) which is sold in packs of 50. Please below for size guide.

Colour: White
Size: #22

#22 - 2"w x 2"d x 2"h

white - sku# 230140 / kraft - sku# 230141.  

#32 - 3"w x 3"d x 2"h

white - sku# 230144 / kraft - sku# 230145

#44 - 4"w x 4"d x 4"h

white - sku# 230151 / kraft - sku# 230152

#64 - 6"w x 6"d x 4"h

white - sku# 230154 / kraft - sku# 230155

#66 - 6"w x 6"d x 6"h

white - sku# 230160 / kraft - sku# 230161

#644 - 6"w x 4"d x 4"h

white § - sku# 230153

#126 - 12"w x 6"d x 6"h

white - sku# 230182 § / kraft - sku# 230183

Denotes that we have begun to switch this size and colour to 100% recycled material, but we are still shipping any remaining non-recycled stock from our various warehouses.

§ Denotes that stock in this size and colour is now only available in 100% recycled material in all our warehouses.


We Are Switching To 100% Recycled Content!

As stock of the different sizes and colours of our one-part gift boxes is depleted and replenished at our various warehouses, we are pleased to tell you we are switching each style to a product made from 100% recycled material -- virtually identical with the same great quality.

However, due to the complexities associated with unique turnover rates for each style at our various warehouses, we regretfully are unable to make guarantees regarding the recycled content of the style you receive while we make the switch. We appreciate your understanding as we transition to a better environmental solution. Our size guide below notes the transition progress of each style.

Remember, all our one-part gift boxes are 100% recyclable.