MDF Slatwall Panels | 4'h x 8'w | MDF Core

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MDF Slatwall Panels are one of the most popular shelving and product display solutions for almost every retail and commercial space. The versatility of MDF Slatwall Panels allows for them to be easily customized with accessories such as shelves, hooks, hang rails, and much more. Each panel contains 15 slits. Placing one panel ontop of another provides an additional slit. (31 total for an 8' tall section). We have helped retailers fit their stores with MDF Slatwall Panels across Canada for decades.

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Colour: Unpainted
Nearest Location: Vancouver

About Slatwall Panels

The adaptability, ease of configuration and economic price are what make slatwall the preferred wall shelving and product display option for retailers around the world. We carry slatwall panels in a range of colours which allows for it to integrate seamlessly with any retail environment, from boutiques and clothing stores to gift shops and convenience stores. Straight Arms, Faceouts & Waterfalls for slatwall are often used to display clothing from a store's wall and are a great way to make the most of your space without compromising on the number of products on show. Shelves & Shelf Brackets for slatwall are perfect if you often change up your wall configuration to freshen up the store or merchandise new arrivals, thanks to how easily they can be repositioned. The classic slatwall hooks are ideal for smaller products that can be hung from the wall of a store at a height convenient for customers. Each panel contains 15 slits. Placing one panel ontop of another provides an additional slit. (31 total for an 8' tall section)

Product Highlights:

  • Easily customized
  • Space saving solution
  • Easily reconfigured to meet a store's needs
  • 3/4" MDF core
  • 15 slits (31 with two panels combined)

Product Dimensions:

  • 4'h x 8'w slatwall
  • 3" spacing between slats (centre to centre)

Shipping Details:

  • Shipping restrictions and skid fees apply. In addition to shipping charges, a skid fee of $80.00 (per skid) will be applied when your order is processed by our staff. Each skid can hold a maximum of 20 panels.