Mannequin Leg | Full Length Hosiery Display Form | 32"

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This thigh-high leg form is perfect for displaying socks & tights in clothing stores, boutiques and gift stores. Toe grip allows you to display the hosiery form upright.

About Endurable Mannequin Leg

The Endurable series of mannequins, torsos and forms are created from extremely high impact resistant 100% recyclable polyethylene. They're all user-friendly for quick and easy dressing with zero maintenance. Keep your staff happy and your displays always looking fresh with the endurables.

Product Highlights:

  • Made from 100% recyclable polyethylene
  • Impact resistant
  • Slightly textured finish to help grip fabric

Product Dimensions:

  • Overall size: 5-1/2" wide x 27-3/4" tall x 8" long
  • Heel to toe: 8"

Shipping Details:

  • Sold individually

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