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Craft distinctive custom signage with our 7-7/8-inch wide x 6-1/4-inch high countertop chalkboard sign. Ideal for a variety of purposes, these versatile signs are perfect for use as signage, place cards, and party favors at retail displays, weddings, professional events, dinner parties, craft fairs, and farmers' markets.

Designed for convenience, these chalkboard signs are double-sided, allowing you to maximize your messaging space. Portable and easy to maintain, they are a sustainable choice that can be reused repeatedly. For optimal results, pair them with erasable liquid chalk to achieve vibrant and long-lasting displays. Elevate your event or retail space with these practical, reusable, and customizable chalkboard signs that add a touch of creativity to any occasion.

About Countertop Chalkboard Stand

These chalkboard signs are a great way to advertise specials and sales. Stand out with designs and eye-catching displays by using our vibrant erasable markers.

Product Highlights:

  • Double-sided
  • Works best with erasable markers
  • wooden base
  • Blackboard material: non-porous gloss black

Product Dimensions:

  • 7-7/8" wide x 6-1/4" high

Shipping Details:

  • Sold individually

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