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Garment, Giftware, Jewellery Boxes

Garment Boxes, Giftware Boxes & Jewellery Boxes – Eddie’s Hang-Up carries a variety styles for retail stores & home-based businesses.
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Gift Ware & Pillow Boxes – Eddie’s Hang-Up has a wide collection of sizes & styles in a variety of colours for special occasions & everyday gift giving.
Boxes: Giftware & Pillow Boxes: Giftware & Pillow
One Pint Xmas Totes One Pint Xmas Totes
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2 Part Cardboard Garment Boxes in Kraft of White – Eddie’s Hang-Up stocks a variety sizes from 2x to 26x. Designed for easily assembly. 100% recycled.
Retail Garment Boxes Retail Garment Boxes
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Retail Jewellery Boxes -- Eddie's Hang-Up has a huge selection of ring, bracelet and necklace boxes to choose from. Lots of styles and loads of colours!
Retail Jewellery Boxes Retail Jewellery Boxes