No clothing store or boutique is complete without a selection of mannequins and body forms displaying clothing. The benefits are plentiful to the point that they have become essential for fashion retailers. The obvious and most common use of mannequins is to entice passers-by with eye-catching outfits in a tasteful window display that piques someone's interest enough to tempt them inside the store for a look around. After window displays have done their job and a customer enters the store, body forms and other similar displays are a great way of showing how certain items of clothing fit or how they combine with other garments you stock.

It is important to consider the style and colour of your mannequins and how they will complement the overall aesthetic of your clothing store or boutique. The ever-popular line of realistic mannequins can be found in stores across the country and abstract mannequins in a variety of poses are often chosen by upscale boutiques. Dressmaker forms are timeless thanks to their elegant design while lightweight and economically priced body forms are perfect for displaying clothing from hangrails in front of the various sizes you have in stock.

All Mannequins, Dressmaker Forms & Body Forms

To display entire outfits, consider full-body mannequins. From there, you have the option of classic realistic mannequins or stylish abstract mannequins. If full-body mannequins are not necessary for your needs, dressmaker forms are a great option. Their timeless design ensures they will never go out of fashion. Female dress forms are great for displaying (yep, you guessed it!) dresses. Male dress forms are often used for displaying shirts, suit jackets and really any above the waist clothing items. Hanging body forms are an inexpensive yet effective space-saving display that can be hung from hangrails or clothing racks. They also make for a great alternative to mannequins in a window display. To display children's clothing, you have the choice of full-body child mannequins, child dressmakers, child body forms and even toddler and baby mannequins. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for from our huge selection of standard stocked mannequins & clothing display forms, our team of experts can help you create custom mannequins.



Full Body Mannequins

Female Dress Form  With Cream Torso & Tall Wooden Base | Height Adjustable

Dress Forms & Bases

Female Hanging  3/4 Torso Forms - PVC

Hanging Body Forms

Child Hanging Forms - Hard Plastic

Child Mannequins

Endurable Male Top

Counter Top Body Forms


Mannequin Heads & Forms

Female Mannequins, Dressmaker Forms & Body Forms

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and so should mannequins! We stock a range of female display mannequins, body forms, and dressmaker forms in various sizes, styles, colours, and poses so that every clothing store and fashion boutique has a clothing display to meet their needs.

Male Mannequins, Dressmaker Forms & Body Forms

From sports wear and undergarments to suits and formal wear, you will find a display option for all male clothing.

Child Mannequins, Dressmaker Forms & Body Forms

From crawling toddlers all the way up to moody teens, we have mannequins, dressmaker forms, and body forms for every stage of a child's development.

Partial Mannequins & Display Forms

A partial mannequin or display form is perfect for highlighting a particular article of clothing on its own. Hand forms for displaying gloves, foot forms for displaying socks & shoes, head forms for displaying hats, leg forms for displaying tights, and even bum forms for displaying underwear!

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